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Three days of electronic music in Salzkammergut

The Electric Love Festival in the Austrian historical region of Salzkammergut is 3 days of excellent electronic music at the height of summer. The elite of the world DJ scene is delighted with the incredible audience, the beautiful nature and the carefully thought-out organization of the event. Concerts will be held next to the Salzburgring race track. There will be works in genres Dubstep, Electro (House, Drum), Big Room, Hardstyle, Bass Music and Techno.

This year more than 160 performances are planned on 8 stages. Over 180,000 guests of all ages from all over Europe are expected. The main stage (Mainstage) is the heart of the festival. Its impressive design changes every year.

The second-largest stage – Q-dance Stage – will be performed by music artists in the genre of hardstyle. Q-dance is a Dutch radio station that has been sponsoring the festival for 5 years.

For the first time, Techno performers will appear on the stage on the stage called Honeycomb Techno. On July 4-6, about 30 artists will perform. Such international stars as Sven Fat, Uros Umek, the duet Pan-Pot, Claudia Gavlas, Enrico Sanjuliano will come from Germany.

Gourmets will appreciate the gastronomic variety. They will try dishes not only national Austrian cuisine, but also Asian, Italian, Hungarian and American. For a quick snack, frozen yogurt, pancakes, langoshes, donuts, burgers, fish and fries, hot dogs, Hong Kong waffles, fried squid or ice cream are suitable.

So that the guests are not tormented by thirst, it is planned to install containers with tap water on the territory of the festival.

Marina Kudakova

Photo source: pixabay.com

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