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Swiss against 5G

The introduction of a new generation of mobile communications, called the 5G, is relatively fast worldwide. Switzerland did not stand aside. However, the opinions of the inhabitants of this country are divided. Many Swiss people see more negative points than good in the new technology.

Unlike the previous generation of mobile communications, the 5G has more electromagnetic radiation, as well as the working frequency range. And the influence of these factors on the human body has not yet been properly studied. Despite the assurances of a number of scientists about the absolute safety of this technology, the general attitude of people continues to be skeptical. In addition, many cantons are unhappy that the decision to cover the whole country with 5G service was made solely by the government in Bern, without taking into account the views of the regions. Dissatisfaction has already acquired tangible forms in the form of local acts of the governments of seven cantons, whose inhabitants are particularly outraged by the innovation. The cantons of Vaud and Geneva went further than all. They decided to simply not issue permits for the installation of equipment necessary for the operation of 5G networks.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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