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German court stood up for hamsters

In Germany, the court suspended research at the University of Marburg, which suggested experiments on hamsters. The science center planned to conduct part of a large-scale experiment initiated by the European Space Agency. Scientists were going to introduce 36 hamsters in a state of artificial hibernation and find out how long they can survive without food and water. It was expected that the data obtained will be used for further study of the processes that will occur with living organisms during long space flights.

However, in this case, the court sided with the animals, considering this attitude contrary to the norms of ethics. Moreover, a weighty argument was the fact that after the experiment it was planned to put all the hamsters to sleep. In the meantime, the court decision has not entered into legal force, and the University can appeal to a higher court. It is there that the decision will be made whether the life of hamsters is a justified sacrifice for the sake of conquering Cosmos.

Igor Konchakovsky

A source: pixabay.com

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