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Beach holidays in Switzerland

Forecasters predict unusually hot summer (almost 40 degrees of heat), and this means that the time has come for a beach holiday. Despite the fact that there are no seas and sandy beaches in the country, there are plenty of places where you can spend great summer days.

There are more than 3000 lakes in Switzerland, and besides, almost every large settlement has open pools with more or less developed infrastructure. As a bathing fan, I know many different places for every taste and will be happy to share my favorites.

Family Vacation Beaches

Despite the fact that you can swim in almost any reservoir or river in the country, families with children, for practical reasons, choose beaches with infrastructure. It includes changing rooms, toilets, lockers for storing valuables, a playground, various water slides and a restaurant. Entrance to these beaches is paid, except for the largest beach in the country – Marzili, located 10 minutes walk from the center of Bern. But, of course, on hot days there are incredibly many people here, so personally I prefer to travel to other places.

1st Place – Murten Beach

It is located right by the medieval castle on the lake. Entrance fee – 5 fr. Here is:

  • 50 meter pool
  • Pool with a tower and a hill
  • Two smaller pools for children of different ages

And the most important and cool – on the lake, more precisely, in it. Bungee, slide and swing, tower, “diving” pier …

Murten Lake is one of the shallowest, so the water there is so warm that it is difficult to “cool”.

In addition to the above, there is a huge playground on a sandy beach.

The territory is very large, and therefore there are no crowds. And a lot of shady corners, which is especially important now. As a bonus, after a swim, there is an opportunity to take a walk through the medieval streets and enter the ancient castle of Murten.

2nd place – the beach town of Spiez on Lake Thun

There is:

  • Pool 50m, a fairly deep children’s pool, a separate area for small children and a huge spiral waterslide.
  • Wardrobe, shower, lockers for valuables are also available.. 
  • Plus – a grassy beach on the lake. In the lake, you can also swim, and it is very good for the kids – there is a very gentle gathering. Login – 6.5 fr

Where else will you lie on the beach and at the same time admire the view of the Spitz Bay and the castle against the backdrop of the mountains?

This beach for me is often a good end of a walk along the shores of Lake Thun..

And, since it is quite large, here even on the hottest weekend you will find yourself a cozy place. And when you get tired, you can take a boat and go on a cruise on the lake. 

3rd place – Lungern Beach

I recommend going here on the warmest days: there is no pool here, swimming only in the lake, whose water never gets hot above 24 degrees, which is very good in the heat.

The beach itself is tiny, narrow grassy strip on the shore, but it is very comfortable here..

Changing rooms, showers, lockers for valuables – everything is there. A small playground for children is also present..

All water activities on the lake. Spiral slide, swimming trampoline, diving platform and, what I liked the most, at a sufficiently long distance from the coast is a diving tower and another adult slide.

The lake is very deep, and diving into it from the tower is an adventure. A slide in general is not a test for the faint of heart. As a bonus – just a delightful view from the tower to the whole lake..

There is a cafe on the beach, but only snacks are served there, and simple dishes like hamburgers. But a very cozy terrace overlooking.

And the journey itself, by train or by car, is just a set of fabulous views of three lakes!

The most comfortable and beautiful beaches

The 1st place in this list is occupied by the beach of the town of Merligen on Lake of Thun

You should come here to swim at sunset, admiring the Niesen mountain on the one hand, and the Niederhorn on the other..

Another “chip” of this place is a small pool with heated water right above the lake in such a way that it seems you are swimming right in the lake.

In addition, there is a diving tower and a floating platform on the lake, an excellent wardrobe, lockers for valuables, a hot shower, and a hairdryer. And the local restaurant serves very good salads, fish from the lake and good cocktails.

2nd place – “retro” beach in the city of Schaffhausen – Rhybadi

This is, in fact, not a beach, but a wooden bathhouse, by the way, the oldest in Europe on the river (since 1870) – this alone has become a weighty reason for me to visit. Rhybadi can hardly be ranked as the best for swimming, but the most “atmospheric” – just!

Only 4 fr at your service:

  • Several separate from each other of different depths of “pools”. Sunbathing or just relaxing is very convenient on wooden benches with umbrellas already installed around the perimeter.
  • Changing rooms, showers, toilets, lockers for valuables.
  • Very cozy cafe, a small library, blankets and pillows in the public domain..

Why do I like it here? The atmosphere and the atmosphere again. Stylishly decorated. All from light wood. Multicolored umbrellas and floral decorations on a background of dark-weighted green Rhine. The owners obviously have a sense of style – even here, I apologize for the prose of life, the ashtrays are made of ceramics and are suitable for color on the tables.

Something reminded me of all this chronicle from the beginning of the 19th century – you know, these bathing houses, striped curtains and beach boxes, swimming funny costumes and huge hats.

In a special “corner” there were several DJs of obviously Cuban origin. One of them in appearance – a relative of Bob Marley. 

Reggae variations for known and not so compositions wonderfully fit into the atmosphere. The music is quiet, unobtrusive. I don’t know, always the case, but judging by the billboard, various events are often held here..

Surprisingly varied menu and a great selection of cocktails, the quality of which is not inferior to restaurants in the city. And the prices are 1.5 times lower. As I read, they also often culinary “creative” – in addition to the standard menu, special dishes are offered on different days. In our visit it was Arancini, and I can say that they were as good as the original ones from Sicily..

3rd place – a wild beach near the town of Colombier on Lake Neuchâtel.

This is a semi-wild beach on the lake. Accordingly, free. The territory is cleaned, and in general everything is well maintained. Quite a large sand zone (which is rare), and the sand is white and soft. Excellent entry for children, and you can swim to the depth and on a special platform on the lake (for adults). There is a primitive shower, toilet too. There is a camping site just behind the beach, and there is a very good playground for children, a small swimming pool and a restaurant. The food is so-so, but a good cocktail menu.

What do i like here

The lake itself. Firstly, it is one of the warmest in the country. Secondly, it is large and can not see the opposite shore, so it seems that you are at sea. And there are often waves.

There is also a lot of space here, and you don’t have to lie on top of each other. And next to it is a park, where you can always hide in the shade from the heat.

Plus, the fact that from here you can easily and quickly get either to the neighboring little beaches or to Neuchâtel and after a whole day spent on the lake, go to some beautiful restaurant.

Here we travel with friends and children. Children squeal with delight at the sight of sand, and we play beach tennis, sunbathe or picnic.

Or, for example, in early autumn, this beach is a great end of a walk along the shores of Lake Neuchatel, it’s warm until October..

As you can see, even such a small mountainous country can offer a lot to beach lovers. And this is not a complete list.!

Maria Mayer, organizer of hiking tours in Switzerland

Instagram of the author: meiermaria.switzerland, more interesting: #хайкинг_с_ребенком_meier.

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