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180 new products at the Munich Film Festival

On June 27, the second most important film festival after the Berlinale opens with the show of the comedy “The Art of Self-Defense” (eng. The Art of Self-Defense) in Munich. The new film by director Riley Stirns tells about the adventures of an inconspicuous accountant who, after beating on the street, decided to go in for karate to become a real man.

German filmmakers will present at the festival 18 paintings of different genres. Among them:

  • Mystic MAR about wolves and a journalist who turned out to be beyond reality;
  • comedy drama All I Never Wanted about the difficult career path of a woman in show business;
  • musical comedy Leif in Concert, dedicated to friendship, love of music and courage;
  • short fantasy Prelude – the story of a pianist who dreams of performing on the biggest stages of the world;
  • the romantic drama Golden Twenties, narrating about the girl Mary, who went to the village to think about offering hands and hearts,
  • the tragicomedy Bruder Schwester Herz about the quarrel of the jealous brother and sister who fell in love with the musician;
  • the drama Stillstehen about two completely different girls, between whom are tied friendly relations.

The film festival will be held in the Bavarian capital for the 37th time. In general, for 10 days it is planned to show 180 feature films and documentaries made by directors from different countries. These include Parasite – the winner of the Cannes Film Festival. The director of the film Pon Joon Ho talks about social inequality.

Other interesting novelties of 2019: Angelo Marcus Schleinzer (Luxembourg, Austria), The Greatest Sacrifice Eyad Al-Harod (Syria), Bacurau Juliano Dornelles and Kleber Mendonонs (Brazil). The latest viewers will see a picture of Late Night – Die Show ihres Lebens by Canadian director Nishi Ganatra. The closing ceremony will take place on July 6th.

Marina Kudakova

Photo source: pixabay.com


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