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Russian genetics: the ability to mathematics is determined by genes

Scientists of the Vavilov Institute took part in a large-scale international project on gene research. Together with Russian geneticists, their colleagues from the University of Massachusetts in the USA also worked. The study revealed a gene that could theoretically be responsible for the predisposition to mathematics and abstract thinking. However, scientists believe that the leading function of the open gene is the production of male germ cells. However, if you add up these two facts, it becomes clear why mathematical abilities are most often more pronounced among the male representatives.

Another feature of the gene is that it can be active in some representatives of the species homo sapiens, while in others it is completely turned off. Gene activation is associated with a rather rare mutation, which occurs in no more than 3% of representatives of the Caucasoid and Mongoloid races.

The discovery of a new gene will help not only to come to the solution of why certain diseases are peculiar to a certain sex, but also to cope with mental disorders that are also caused by a particular sequence of genes.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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