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Variety of delicacies at the Street Food Festival in Zurich

In Zurich, on the territory of the former football stadium “Hardturm”, the Street Food Festival, which opened on 16 May, is taking place. The Street Food Festival is part of the food festival Food Zurich, but continues for another two weeks after closing. It developed from the international street food movement and was first held in 2014.

About 150 participants offer guests national dishes from all over the world – from Peruvian ceviche, Singaporean dumplings and American sandwiches to Mexican tacos, Swiss raklet, American fries with fish and salmon cooked over an open fire in Finnish. Sweet lovers try waffles, frozen yogurt, black ice cream, chocolate, muffins. If you just want to drink something, there are a lot of bars for visitors.

The motto of the festival: “Eating once is like no other.” In the evening, the number of guests is increasing, as during the hot summer days a pleasant coolness reigns at the stadium. The vast territory is lit by a large number of lamps.

The Swiss love this event as much as swimming in the picturesque Lammat River. Everyone will find here delicacies to your liking. In addition to hot dogs, chips and kebabs, cooks prepare healthy food, satisfying the hunger of meat eaters and vegetarians.  

In total, 140 different events took place during the FOOD ZURICH festival. Visitors were introduced to the gastronomic culture with the help of music, films, science and art. They not only tried the dishes, but also prepared them themselves. The program included master classes and cooking courses.

Photo source: pixabay.com

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