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Russian scientists have discovered a double black hole

At a distance of more than 3 billion light years from our planet, there is a so-called supermassive double black hole. This is the conclusion reached by Russian deep space scientists. Science theoretically admits the existence of such objects, but their study is difficult, both because of its remoteness and because of the properties of the black holes themselves.

The object discovered in the constellation of Cancer in the 70s, received the code name OJ287. But then scientists believed that it was a normal black hole. They were only confused by the rather strange behavior of a space object — every 12 years it seemed to “explode”, becoming brighter several times. Now it has become known that OJ287 is not in the galaxy alone, but in company with another black hole, whose mass is 180 times smaller. Flashes occur when the second black hole enters a so-called accretion disk OJ287, that is, rotating asteroid debris, cosmic dust and gas.

The obtained data can be used to confirm the theory of relativity, and also help to better understand the structure of other galaxies.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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