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About the flag of Austria

The flag of Austria, called the triband, that is, consisting of three horizontal lines (red – white – red), is considered one of the most ancient flags of Europe. The same sequence of colors was used by the first Austrian dynasty, Babenberg, who ruled the country from the 10th to the 13th century and turned it into one of the strongest states in the region. According to legend, the creator of the flag was Duke Leopold V, an active participant in the crusades. After one battle, his white adversary was completely in the blood, except for the place where the belt was located, under which no blood fell. The duke took it as a sign and made the red-white-red standard with his symbol.

The modern interpretation of flag colors has several options. Some see in red – the blood of patriots, shed for freedom, which is symbolized by a white stripe. For others, including according to the official interpretation, the white stripe is the image of the Danube, which crosses the entire country from West to East.

The colors of the national flag, both of them, and separately, we also see in the symbolism of the federal states, with the exception of the flag of Lower Austria (it is yellow-blue).

In addition, there are various flag options that can be used by civilians and government agencies. If the first have the right to hang out the usual red-white-red flag, then the second is its official version, decorated with the country’s coat of arms — a black eagle in the tower crown, with a sickle and a hammer in its paws.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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