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In Austria want to ban kissing cows

If you type in the hashtag #KuhKussChallenge in Instragram, you will see many nice photos of people hugging and kissing cows. This is a new challenge, launched in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. His goal is to raise money for charity. To participate, you just need to kiss the cow, capture this magical moment on the smartphone’s camera and put it on public display in a social network, providing the appropriate hashtag and comment.

However, at first glance, a good idea immediately revealed opponents, and not simple ones, but high-ranking ones. Among them – Elizabeth Koestinger, the Austrian Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development. She recalled that pastures are not contact zoos, but cows are not pets. After all, an animal may be afraid, inadequately behaving, and, given its size, the presence of horns and hooves, the consequences for humans may be the most serious. Particularly cautious is to be with cows that have calves. A mother can take any kind of interest in her cubs for attack and stand up for their defense.

Many immediately recalled the tragic incident that occurred in 2014, when a cow trampled to death a tourist from Germany. The litigation between the spouse of the deceased and the Federation of Farmers in Austria still lasts.

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