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It will be easier for immigrants to find a job in Germany

According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, in order to fill all vacant jobs in Germany by 2060, 260,000 migrants must be hired each year. About half of them are people from countries outside the European Union. The reason for the shortage of personnel, which employers have long complained about, is in a poor demographic situation.

The German government is developing migration legislation designed to facilitate the legal employment of highly qualified foreign professionals. Immigrants with a diploma of secondary vocational education who speak the German language will be entitled to come to Germany for 6 months if they are able to provide themselves. The federal government plans to increase funding for the Institute. Goethe offering language courses.

It is not necessary that the certificate of education complies with German standards. Specialists in the fields of care and information technology (IT) will also be able to work without formal confirmation of qualification if they have enough experience. The same applies to other areas where there are many vacancies.

Now look for a job for 6 months is allowed to foreign citizens with a German diploma of higher education or an equivalent document. Since there is also a shortage of specialists in non-academic professions, it was decided to expand the circle of foreign citizens who are granted such a right.

The situation of asylum seekers with the right to postpone deportation will also improve. They will receive a status and work permit. The government promises to adopt laws by the summer, but they will only begin to act in early 2020.

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