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New Swiss Laws

Since the beginning of this year, a number of new laws have entered into force on the territory of the Swiss Confederation. They concern the most diverse spheres of citizens’ lives: from online shopping to the integration of migrants. But first things first.

1. New rules for the stay of foreign citizens.

Now, in order to extend the residence permit, the applicant must prove his successful integration into Swiss society. This implies knowledge of the language, compliance with laws and public order. For those who do not meet the criteria, the case can end very badly – up to the instructions to leave the country.

2. Child protection.

Parliamentarians expanded the list of persons who are obliged to report to the authorities about any manifestations of violence against children. If earlier only teachers and social workers had to do it, now the list includes doctors, psychologists, sports trainers and music teachers.

3. Online shopping

Now foreign sites offering goods at prices significantly different from Swiss (for example, Amazon), are required to include in the cost and Swiss taxes. This is done so that local online stores can compete with foreign ones. The exceptions were only applications and e-books. This is Swiss protectionism.

4. Older drivers.

It was also decided to increase the age by 5 years, at which the issuance of a new driver’s license is possible only after a medical examination. Now he is 75 years old. It is worth noting that similar changes also affected the age of doctors who have the right to carry out this examination.

Igor Konchakovsky

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