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In Austria, will be fined for anonymity on the Internet

A curious law is being prepared by the Austrian parliamentarians. From 2020, all Internet users will be required to indicate their real name and address before posting a comment on a site whose audience exceeds 100,000 people. For the first violation of this law will face a fine of 500 thousand euros, for the second – twice as much. Of course, these sanctions will not apply to ordinary users, but to companies that own sites that encourage anonymity.

The law immediately found both its supporters and opponents. The first claim that such a measure will help to significantly reduce the number of network insults, threats and harassment, because anonymity allows you to do all this with almost no punishment. In addition, the ability to identify will make users more responsible and polite, as well as make you think that even a word read from the screen of the monitor can offend or humiliate another person. However, the law did not please the advocates of freedom of speech. They believe that a ban on anonymity in many cases makes it impossible for a person to say what he thinks. Also, do not forget that hacking of such a site by hackers can lead to a massive leak of personal data contained on it. What will the Austrians prefer: freedom or security? We will know very soon.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source pixabay.com

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