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In Russia, patented the first “smart” refrigerator

Russia’s first refrigerator with elements of artificial intelligence may appear in the near future. Sberbank, oddly enough, plans to develop this “smart” device. Patent registration took place on March 26 of this year. It is assumed that the new type of refrigerators will be stuffed with cameras and sensors in order to monitor the status and shelf life of products in real time and notify the owner of any changes, not very critical. It is expected that the connection will be carried out using Wi-Fi technology through a specially designed application. Moreover, the “smart” refrigerator will monitor stocks of certain products and independently replenish them if the need arises. In other words, just a miracle of technology and the dream of any bachelor. It is a pity that the function of automatic cooking by the developers is not yet provided.

However, behind the convenience is another point. With the help of an “intelligent” refrigerator, it will be possible to thoroughly study the gastronomic habits of its owner, namely, what, when and in what quantities he drinks and eats. The most valuable information for any marketer, is not it? But that’s another story …

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