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German teenage geeks

They have succeeded in different fields: someone in science, someone in sports, and someone almost from the cradle chose music for their paths. In this article we will talk about gifted adolescents, which in recent years has learned not only Germany, but the whole world.

1. Akim Kamara

Violinist child prodigy Akim Camara was born in 2000 in Berlin into a Nigerian and German family. Having not yet mastered the language fully, the child miracle could already remember and play the melodies heard on the violin. His musical debut took place at the age of 3 years, when Akim played at a Christmas concert. After some time, the whole country learned about the gifted child, and, which is so characteristic of such cases, Akim became a permanent target for journalists. The parents of the violinist immediately took appropriate measures, and now the life of the teenager is safely hidden from prying eyes. Akim continues to perfect his violin skills, mastering other musical instruments, and receiving education. His rare television appearances no longer cause such an insane rush.

2. Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz is a young, but already professional footballer, Bayer 04 midfielder. He was born in 1999 in Aachen, North Rhine – Westphalia, and almost from his early childhood, he loved football passionately. After a short period of play for an amateur team, Kai got into the ranks of the Bayer 04 club. Here, his talent began to be fully revealed: in 2016, he scored 18 goals and was awarded the prestigious award – Fritz Walter medals in the category up to 17 years.

Havertz has both club and national records. In 2016, he became the youngest Bayer 04 debutant in the Bundesliga. And two years later, Kai was recognized as the youngest player to take part in 50 matches of the federal championship. For his unique style of play, Kai Havertz received from journalists the nickname Alleskönner – a player who can do anything.

3. Shouriya Ray

Shouriya Ray was born in 1996 in Calcutta, India. Some time later, his father, an engineer by training, got a job in Germany, and the family was forced to move to Dresden. Shouriya was always interested in mathematics and made some progress in this science. But real fame came when he, working on a school project, solved the Newton equation, which was considered unsolvable for almost three hundred years. The news of sixteen geniuses spread throughout the country. However, the statement of two mathematicians from the University of Dresden was a fly in the ointment. It turned out that the solution of the Newton problem already exists, although it is known only in very narrow circles of mathematical experts. Of course, no one blamed Shouriya for plagiarism: the child simply could not get acquainted with the relevant works both because of age and lack of knowledge of the language. It turned out that the young mathematician invented the wheel. Nevertheless, everyone appreciated the adolescent’s ability to solve problems at the highest mathematical level.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: Kai Havertz’s personal instagram https://www.instagram.com/kaihavertz29/

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