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Route Appenzell – Clanx – Sammelplatz -Hoher Hirschberg – Gais

Do not be afraid of the abundance of names on this path – the walk is quite small, but it is just the “concentrate” of all Appenzelsky :).

Distance and difficulty ⠀

About 10 km. The path goes all the time up and down the hills of Appenzell. The most “difficult” ascent is 200m, but the hills are rather flat, so no one should have difficulties. The only point – with the wheelchairs in this region is not particularly like – the road partially goes through the fields, along small paths. And on foot – for a sweet soul!

Clanx Castle Ruins

The first point, he is – an amazing observation deck, the ruins of the castle Clanx. Abbot Ulrich from St. Gallen, built in 1219, had only one arch and a piece of the fortress wall, the castle was completely destroyed during peasant uprisings in 1402, but for me personally, the ruins seem even more picturesque. From here you can enjoy views of the entire region, as well as have a picnic, as many locals do.

Then all the same hills you go down to Sammelplatz station, where you are unexpected for such a place waiting for a restaurant, part of the Swiss fine dining guild – Sammelplatzgasthof.

Here local traditions are adapted to the requirements of high cuisine. The portions are small and the dishes are very fine. For example, fillet of local trout in a sauce with champagne foam or a steak in a wine sauce with pink petals. Expensive. But very tasty. And unusually comfortable. I advise you, at a minimum, to drink coffee here and try something from the local bakery, everything is the freshest!

Since the route is quite small, after resting in a restaurant, you can either return by train (2 minutes) to the city of Appenzell, or go further – to the mountain Hoher Hirschberg, where one of the best panoramic sites in the region is located.

For children on this path there is nothing, but, again, since the walk is short, special entertainment is not required.

Hoher Hirschberg

From the panoramic platform on this mountain you can see the Rhine valley (along which the border runs), Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. Not bad, especially considering that there is nothing to get to this place.

Distance and difficulty

Kilometers 5, an hour journey. True, up (same mountain). But the road is excellent, smooth climb. By the way, you can also get here by car, there is parking right outside the restaurant from the observation deck.

From Sammelplatz station (2 minutes from Appenzel by train), the road begins, just 200m elevation.

In addition to the purpose of the walk directly to the panoramic restaurant on the top of the mountain, this path invites you to admire first the meadows of Appenzel, and then, as you climb, the Alpstein region and the Hoher Kasten massif from a slightly different angle. ⠀

And when you find yourself at the top, then you have at your disposal the entire varied menu of the local restaurant (which is now unfortunately outwardly under reconstruction – that is, it is open, but covered in forests), as well as a special “ladder-observation platform”, which you will see the form declared at the beginning. ⠀

For us, such a short walk was not enough, and we descended from the other side (it’s still 40 minutes) to the tiny town of Gais. What I recommend to do to you.


Absolutely “sleepy city” in provincial Switzerland – lodged on green hills, one square next to the church with an obligatory fountain in the middle. And a great playground right in the center.

On the way, you can go to the bio-farm and contact zoo (there are now such wonderful foals), as well as buy local delicacies.

And then, having walked, it is necessary to have dinner in one of the 3 restaurants on the square, basking in the sun and watching the sun paint the church building against the background of mountains in soft pink color.

The prices here are more than moderate, and absolutely everything is delicious (we were in an Italian restaurant, he is there alone).

This is an option for those who stay in Appenzel for a couple of days, and want to see as much as possible and feel the atmosphere of life in rural Switzerland. If you travel to Appenzel, I advise you to do the first part of the route, it will not take much time, and you will get a lot of pleasure, and, of course, make a million wonderful photos!

Maria Meier, organizer of hiking tours in Switzerland

Instagram of the author: meiermaria.switzerland, more interesting: #хайкинг_с_ребенком_meier.

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