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Russian scientists publish food in space

An ambitious project that is likely to help solve the problems of nutrition in space, is being prepared by scientists from Russia. This is a 3D-printer, with which the researchers plan to “print” food from cells delivered from the ground. In addition to Russian scientists, the project involved their colleagues from the United States and Israel, who are assigned the role of a kind of “suppliers.” Laboratories located in these countries will provide cages for fish and cattle, respectively. The samples will be sent to the ISS in September of this year and the astronauts, under the strict guidance of scientists from Earth, will conduct the first experiments on the printing of food on a bioprinter in space.

The first bioprinter was delivered to the ISS in December last year. Since then, scientists have been actively conducting experiments on the “printing” of such materials as cartilage tissue, as well as the mouse thyroid gland. A total of 12 samples were obtained, which were sent to Earth for further study. Later it turned out that the tissues created on the bioprinter fully correspond in structure to their living counterparts. If the experiment continues with similar success, one can be sure that it will not be limited to solving the problem of feeding the astronauts. The seal of organs could save humanity from such a controversial problem of donation. But everything has its time …

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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