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Sakhalin scientists against earthquakes

History knows many tragic cases of mass death during earthquakes. And almost every time it’s all the fault – lack of awareness of both the population and rescue services. People just do not have time to leave their homes in time and remain buried under the rubble, and rescuers – to correctly calculate the forces to assist the victims and to analyze the rubble. As a rule, the first feeling after each earthquake is confusion. New development of scientists from Sakhalin just designed to minimize the damage from the rampant element due to fast and accurate data transfer. Accurate information and instant response will come to the place of confusion.

It is not a secret for anyone that the Far East of Russia is one of the most dangerous regions in terms of seismic activity. In 1995, an earthquake on Sakhalin Island completely destroyed the village of Neftegorsk, killing 2/3 of its inhabitants. Therefore, scientists led not only a purely scientific interest, but also concern for the safety of their loved ones. At the seismic station in the city of Nevelsk they are testing a new program that receives and analyzes data from seismic sensors installed not only in Sakhalin, but also in Kamchatka and Primorye. In addition, scientists are constantly exchanging information with colleagues from Japan, who also occasionally suffer from earthquakes.

The program works as follows: in the event of aftershocks, an instant analysis of all the data obtained occurs and the general picture of the coming catastrophe is built. This helps to adequately distribute the application of rescue services forces, sending a sufficient number of people and special equipment to the places where the largest damage is expected. Data processing takes place in minutes, and in fact it is sometimes this precious time that is not enough to save lives.

Moreover, this program also exists as a mobile application that can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone. The Ministry of Emergency Situations, of course, is the first to come to the rescue, but you should not forget about the work of the drowning people themselves. A timely notification of a starting earthquake can be much more effective than even the most professional rescue operation.

Private investors were also interested in the program, primarily oil and gas companies in the region. It is with the money received for the calculation of the seismic stability of their office buildings that it is planned to purchase and install new seismic sensors for the first time in order to make the obtained data more accurate and detailed.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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