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Young Ukrainian women have become the best in mathematics

Young Ukrainian women won first place among their peers at the VIII European Mathematical Olympiad for girls. This event has been held since 2012 and is an international competition, in which girls of school age are allowed to participate. Each team represents a particular country and consists of four participants. The first European Olympiad was held in 2012 in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Subsequent events were held in cities such as Zurich, Luxembourg, Antalya. And in 2019 Ukraine became the mistress of the Olympiad. The competition itself took place from April 7 to 13. In Kiev, met about 50 teams, both from Europe and from other countries of the world.

During the Olympics, all participants had to go through two competitive stages, each of which involved the solution of three complex mathematical problems. For each task, the team could get the maximum 7 points. Representatives of the Ukrainian team took three gold and four bronze medals. Recall that a similar high result the Ukrainian team showed in 2017 at the Olympics in Zurich.

More detailed information, as well as an analysis of the tasks of past Olympiads, can be found on the official website of the event: https://www.egmo.org/

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: pixabay.com

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