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Funny stories from the life of Einstein

The German scientist Albert Einstein, known to the whole world, whose name became synonymous with genius, was completely helpless in everyday things and often stuck in rather comic situations. Of course, when your mind is busy solving the fundamental questions of the universe, you do not care about such trifles as your own home address, appearance, time of day, and especially the opinion of others. Surely some of you are already familiar with the funny episodes with Einstein in the title role. Today we offer not only to refresh them in memory, but also to get to know the famous physicist from unexpected sides.

1. On the importance of appearance for the scientist.

Wife often baked Einstein for what he went to work in what he got. More than once she suggested that he should dress in something more appropriate to the status of a world-renowned scientist. However, Albert invariably answered this:

– What for? I still know everyone there.

And here on the horizon loomed the first important scientific conference, in which Einstein was to take part.

– Well, now dress up more impressive! – begged unhappy wife.

– What for? Nobody knows me there anyway.

2. About how incomprehensible to ordinary mortals are the true motives of scientists.

One day, Einstein was driving in a train car, when suddenly a young guy appeared in the aisle – a controller. All the passengers began to drag him their tickets, and the thoughtful scientist realized that he did not remember where he was doing. The controller inevitably approached, but the coveted ticket still could not be found: neither in a jacket, nor in trousers. And when the controller caught up with Einstein, who had fallen into complete panic, he smiled and said:

– It’s okay if you can not find a ticket. I know who you are, and I am sure that such a respected scientist always precisely pays for travel.

Having said this, the controller proceeded further, and only at the very exit from the car turned around. Einstein continued to search for a ticket already standing on all fours and looking under the seats. The controller approached him again and said:

– I know who you are. You are Albert Einstein. No need to look for a ticket.

The scientist rose to his feet and shook the dirt off his clothes.

– I myself remember who I am! – He answered irritably. “The only thing I don’t remember is where I go!” That is why I absolutely need to find a ticket.

3. About how fame can save in a difficult situation.

After another working day at the university, Einstein returned home by taxi.

– Where we go? – the driver inquired.

– I need … – Einstein began, and with horror realized that he had forgotten his address. – To the house of Einstein. Do you know where it is?

– Of course, who does not know the house of Einstein. Do you have a meeting with him? You are also a scientist. Einstein replied guiltily:

– You know, I am Einstein myself. I forgot where I live.

The taxi driver laughed and drove the scientist home without taking a penny from him.

Igor Konchakovsky

Photo source: https://pixabay.com

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