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Professional training as a doctor in Germany

Today, it is not a secret for anyone that the medical profession is one of the most sought after and promising in Europe, because here we are talking not only about high social status, but also a good stable salary.


But to achieve great success, you need to take into account a long period of study. Only studying at the university takes a little more than 6 years. And then 4 to 6 years of work as an assistant doctor follow to get a specialization in a particular medical field.


With this article I want to open a series of articles on the topic of medicine and acquaint our readers with the training system at the medical faculty in Germany.


The learning process and its content


The medical faculties have legally and uniformly prescribed by the state rules and requirements throughout Germany (Approbationsordnung für Ärzte (ÄAppO)). Education at the Faculty of Medicine can be divided into 3 stages: the preclinical part, the clinical part and the practical year.


  • Preclinical part (from 1 to 4 semesters) – at the end of this part, the first state exam (“Physicum”) is taken. There are courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy and psychology. This part also includes a 3-month internship in patient care, the so-called Famulatu
  • Clinical part (from 5 to 10 semester) – this part of the curriculum includes various medical specialties, such as surgery, internal medicine or pathology. Near-medical areas are also part of the curriculum; these are medical informatics, pharmacology and environmental medicine.
  • Practical year (from 11th to 12th semester) – this part includes the 48-week practice.


After passing through all 3 stages of training, a student can take the second state exam. Successful passing of the 2nd state exam entitles you to apply for a state license (Approbation) as a medical practitioner.


And then what?


As a rule, despite the successful completion of studies at the university, medical education has not yet been completed. Who wants to become a medical practitioner in Germany, must undergo special training. This stage lasts 4–6 years and involves the selection and deepening of one of the medical specializations as, for example, orthopedics, radiology, surgery, etc. Training takes place as a medical assistant under the guidance of a senior physician at a teaching medical institution recognized by the State Medical Association (for example, in a clinic or private practice). At the end of this training stage, an examination for a specialist with a narrow specialization is taken. After successfully passing the exam, permission is granted for independent medical practice in the selected area. Without passing the exam, further work also takes place under the patronage of a senior physician.


What are the career prospects and current situation on the labor market?


As already mentioned above, the profession of a doctor offers the best career prospects: you can work in a clinic or hospital and go up the kryernoy ladder up to the position of the head physician. In addition, it is possible to open your own practice and work independently.

Today, the German health care system is alarming, as the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel in the field of medical care is very serious. Especially in rural areas there is a shortage of doctors in private practice.

For this reason, more and more often today, employers are turning their eyes towards qualified specialists from other countries.


What directions do you want to know more?

This article is the first in a series of articles about doctors in Germany and therefore your opinion is very important to us. What specialties or areas would you like to know more about?


Write in the comments, and I will answer your questions in the following materials.

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