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German teachers have achieved a salary increase

Last week, the strike of German government employees ended. German trade unions, expressing the interests of about 1 million public sector workers, met in Potsdam for talks with the German Employers’ Organization. The initial condition was a wage increase of 6% for one year, but during the discussion it was decided to raise wages by 8%, but at the same time make these changes for a longer period – 2 years and 9 months. One of the leaders of trade unions, Frank Bsirsk, called the decision made a great achievement for both workers and employers. The salary increase will be received by medical workers, teachers, kindergarten teachers and a number of other citizens employed in the service sector.

Many see an increase in wages as an attempt to attract more people to health and education. According to the Association of Teachers, at the moment in Germany about 40 thousand teachers are lacking. Similar problems are observed in the field of medicine; the shortage of nurses and carers for elderly people is especially acute. Employers hope that improved working conditions will help raise the prestige of these professions and attract young professionals.

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